There’s a moment. A moment when change becomes the only viable option and deep in your heart, you know, without a doubt, that it is the only path forward.

Without a doubt, but not without uncertainty.

Function and Flow was founded at the intersection of change and choice. A moment of clarity combined with the power of choice. And, all of the excitement, worry, hope, and release that along for the ride.

If the allotment of time in your day to day is out of balance with the vision you have for what feels healthy, it may be time to try a new approach.

If the space you use for relaxing, connecting, working, or recharging is full of things that run counter to those goals, it may be time to reconsider your approach.

If balance has been lost in the upheaval, it is not lost forever. It simply needs your attention and effort to restore it.

This blog is dedicated to the power of ‘&.’ Finding more of what we crave and creating meaningful change through deliberate choice and thoughtful action. Thanks for joining me and here’s to finding time and space for more of what matters…more of both.