Footing and Feathers - Building Systems That Support Us

Footing & Feathers

Building Systems that Support Us 

As the days begin to grow longer, spring seems to bring along with her a sense of hope and potential. Seasonal shifts are predictable, except perhaps for the foot of snow that blanketed my home last week. But, generally they’re predictable.

The light lingers for a few more moments each day, nudging us to ponder possibilities. The temperatures tilt upward, beckoning us to stretch and awaken from our winter solace.

These patterns are a comfort. They provide a foundation on which to build and offer a sense of stability that opens a window to growth.

We can discover a similar sense of comfort and stability with routines built into our every day lives. Routines foster a degree of predictability and repetition that helps us find our footing each day. One foot in front of the other, one step following the next, we cultivate routines that evolve into systems.

Systems That Support Us

Coffee. Dogs. Yoga. Book. Breakfast. This is my typical morning routine. The strength is in the simplicity. Make a few choices to create the system and then just practice it. For a while, not forever. You can change it up. Go crazy and sub in a smoothie for oatmeal or a run instead of yoga. Still enjoyable. Still productive. Still simple.

Simplified systems afford us the opportunity to complete multiple tasks with ease. Refined through practice, they reduce the chaos of seemingly unending decision-making. There’s no need for the mind and body to stress over what to do and when, leaving the lion’s share of energy for the creative and solution-seeking events of the day that follow.

And this is where the feathers take over.

When you find your footing on the repeatable tasks that used to sap your energy and focus, you create the conditions for a wellspring of motivation and momentum. Your perspective opens up to new possibilities as your creativity takes flight. Since they haven’t been exhausted by the endless array of breakfast options, your problem-solving muscles are flexed and ready to soar as you take on the day.

Think of the good you can put into this aching world when you are invigorated and inspired. Think of the relationships you can impact and the support you can offer. The possibilities are infinite and all because of a shift in focus and a reallocation of vital resources.

My morning routine was born of a desire to be more active, more productive, and less scroll-y. It took a little tweaking, but now it’s an easily repeatable system with plenty of space for me, my sweet pups, and my person. It anchors my day with a practice of kindness and generosity that colors everything that follows.

Systems As Unique As You

Consider doing something to help you find your footing each day. Start small with a routine that addresses a particularly stressful part of your day or a block of time that you want to use more efficiently. Get started by asking yourself:

  • What tasks do I want to accomplish?
  • What order works best and makes the most sense?
  • What can I simplify so there are fewer decision points?

Footing and feathers is a balancing act between concrete foundations that support us and the agile flight that changes our outlook and ignites inventiveness. One supporting the other. Each taking their turn in the lead.

Aim to do something each day to find your footing in ways that comfort your heart and feed your soul. And, when it’s time to break out your feathers, may they be bright, beautiful, and a beacon to those around you.