Focused entirely on YOU!

From start to finish, this process is designed around you.

We start with your unique challenges and roadblocks. And, design practical solutions to match your needs.

Whether you’re aiming to improve organizational efficiency, plan for sustainable growth, strengthen your team, or broaden your own skillset, we’re here for all of it.

Structured enough to define clear pathways toward your goals. Flexible enough to meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to be.

The priorities are your non-negotiables and the strategies are tailored to your goals. All so you can move steadily toward outcomes that reflect your vision of success.

Kelly McGinley - Facilitator and Certified Coach

I started Function & Flow to help teams and organizations, just like yours, work better, smarter, and more effectively…together.

In short, to Do Productivity Differently.

Over two decades of experience as an educator and project manager have taught me that industries and missions are as different as the day is long. But, the foundational principles of getting things done are always the same. Get to the core, collaborate effectively, choose a path, and commit.

My superpower is helping you simplify that process.

When I’m not nerding out on this incredible work, my own sense of balance comes from my best friend/husband, my home in the woods, my dogs who think I invented peanut butter, and my enjoyable, albeit endless, pursuit of being a slightly less bad yogi, runner, and musician.  

NAPO Workplace Productivity Specialist

What Clients Are Saying

Kelly has a great talent for organizing vague ideas into an actionable plan. She sees the bigger picture and finds a way to meet goals in a better way. She also sees peoples’ strengths and draws those out so the whole process is inclusive and highly engaging. She keeps us on track and forward thinking!

Emily Hendrickson

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator, Pennsylvania Dept. of Conservation & Natural Resources

I manage the Kittatinny Ridge Conservation Landscape (KRCL) program, including all communications. Prior to this project, the enews, social media, and website posts were irregularly distributed and unconnected.

I am so excited and thankful for
how Kelly turned this around in
a short time and in a way that
fits our needs. Positive feedback coming in is proof that Kelly’s approach and skills are making a huge difference!

Jeanne Ortiz

Senior Program Manager, Landscape Conservation & KRCL Internal Lead, Audubon Mid-Atlantic

Kelly is a very enthusiastic and talented person who I love to have on my team. She has worked with me at the Elizabethtown College Music Camp for many years. Kelly is a problem solver and her attention to detail is valued asset. Her work ethic and integrity is outstanding. In addition, she achieves all of the above with a huge smile on her face.
Grant Moore

Director, Elizabethtown College Music Camp

Our Pennsylvania Audubon Council has benefited from the guidance and support provided by Function and Flow. Kelly’s understanding of the “big picture” and the importance of what we are trying to accomplish was critical to the success of the effort. She has earned the respect of our Audubon chapter leaders and we look forward to our continuing relationship with Function and Flow in future endeavors.

Leigh Altadonna

President, Pennsylvania Audubon Council

Kelly’s ability to connect with clients, listen to their challenges, and work collaboratively to develop pragmatic solutions is truly incredible! She’s able to quickly assess seemingly intractable professional, work-life, and family issues, and help you develop and implement creative, responsive solutions.

Kate M.

Senior Vice President,

Kelly’s process took our daunting communications across the Kittatinny Ridge and turned it into a functional and formulaic process that eases the heavy burden and makes communications much easier.

I think in some ways the process itself fosters better partner relationships across the Ridge internally through publishing their stories. Win Win.

Kristen Hand

Geoscientist Supervisor, Bureau of Geological Survey & KRCL Internal Lead, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

I have had the privilege of collaborating with Kelly McGinley in her work as a professional coach. Her extensive experience with a wide variety of people in the business, education, and nonprofit arena make her particularly suited to engage individuals in a broad range of situations and locations.

Dave Krueger

CEO, MentorPath

As one of the partners participating in the strategy planning for the Kittatinny Ridge Conservation Landscape, Function & Flow provided the leadership for all of us to gather our thoughts and come up with a cohesive product that can guide us in what actions we need going forward. The brainstorming inside a framework allowed for the best way of collecting ideas in a focused way, and was very successful.

Sally Zaino

, Manada Conservancy