Professional Coaching with

Function & Flow: Productivity and Organization Specialists

When it comes to professional coaching, we use our Balanced Productivity approach to help you reclaim your schedule and find time for what matters most by:

      • clarifying your priorities,
      • making choices that reflect them, and
      • building systems to support them.

You’ll discover new skills and strategies, no doubt. And equally important, you’ll take steps to incorporate them into your life, cultivating them over time so meaningful change can begin to take root.

In the same way that one salad doesn’t make a healthy diet, effective coaching takes time. Give it a month and you’ll begin to see the positive impacts of your consistency and commitment: calmer days, a schedule that’s less rushed, and critical responsibilities that are elevated and prioritized. You’ll rediscover what productive balance feels like and find that there’s time and space for everything that’s truly important.

Coaching packages are available in bundles of four sessions with options for weekly or biweekly scheduling. Packages start at $589.

Wondering if a Productivity Coach is Right for YOU?

4 Reasons it Might Be Just What You’re Looking For

#1 You're Here

You’ve already identified that something in your life isn’t quite working. That’s a really big deal. You know the balance is off, but you haven’t been able to move the needle of change on your own.

#2 You're Curious

Humility and tenacity are a winning combination. When you’re honest about your challenges, you open up space for real change, get to know yourself better, and pinpoint what truly works for you.¬†

#3 You're Committed

There’s no shortcut to new habits. Meaningful change isn’t a sprint so set your sights on small wins. Collect them over time, stack them together, and see them begin to take shape as the foundation for what comes next in your life.¬†

#4 You're Ready

You’ll know in your heart when the time is right and feel the tipping point in every part of you. From that moment, it will get tougher to maintain the status quo. But, the decision to move toward change is entirely your own.

Kelly is a natural. Her wealth of wisdom and gentle approach to coaching allows you to be comfortable and easily receptive. She is incredibly supportive and holds her clients accountable. She allows you to find your own path, while guiding you in the right direction. She helped me tremendously with my own business during a very trying time in my life. I highly recommend her.

Lilla M.

Educator & Small Business Owner

What’s In A Coaching Session?

Each session is unique to you. You choose the focus based on what’s most important to you right now. Together, we’ll look at challenges and opportunities. During our conversation, some things will rise to the top and become action steps for you along your path. Your plan and your action steps will be a clear reflection of your style and your definition of success.

Function & Flow - Our Process
Find Your Focus
  • Identify a focus for each sessions, as well as overarching goals & identify challenges
  • Define what success looks & feels like


Lay Out a Plan
  • Look at challenges and opportunities
  • Identify the very next step in addressing your goal
  • Clearly define when and how the next step will happen
Own Each Action
  • Execute the action steps from your session
  • Adopt a self-evaluation practice¬†
  • Stay flexible – perfection is not the goal
  • Commit to accountability
Wow Yourself
  • Notice changes in your sense of personal calm & balance
  • Acknowledge small wins and incremental progress
  • Note “found” time & the feel of flow
  • Sustain your progress

What to Expect from the Coaching Partnership

Clarity - Function & Flow - Balanced Productivity


Fresh eyes and an objective assessment help you identify your focus so you can confidently shift toward habits that help you reach your goals.

Collaboration - Function & Flow - Balanced Productivity


The coaching relationship is a partnership designed to offer insight, provide accountability, and give you a space sounding board for your thoughts.

Community - Function & Flow - Balanced Productivity


Small wins are everything when cultivating new habits. We’ll celebrate them together as you work steadily along the path to where you want to be.