Workshops work! Come together with a productivity and collaboration workshop, and save yourself and your team time, money, and resources by honing in on a specific set of objectives during a highly focused block of time.

The result is better communication, inclusive decisions, and actionable steps with buy-in from the whole team.

Whether you’re launching a new project, warming up a new team, or aiming to improve workplace efficiency, workshops are an excellent choice to make significant progress in a short amount of time. 

Workshops range from $2500 – $6000.

Productivity Workshops - Develop and Launch

Develop & Launch Workshops

When you trade traditional, recurring meetings for tailored workshops, you and your team can efficiently and collaboratively move from idea to implementation. Sidestep collaboration chaos and move straight to focused teamwork that delivers a plan, the right steps in the right order, and built-in accountability.

Workshops can focus on team alignment and cohesion; program or product development; project launch planning; mentoring for new leaders; strengthening partnerships and boards; identifying and removing roadblocks; and much more.  

Full Focus VIP Days

Full Focus VIP Day

Maximize your time and address more of your top priorities with a Full Focus VIP Day. Choose from flexible planning options to create a day focused entirely on you, your needs, and the goals you want to achieve. Built around your needs, you can combine all that we offer into a single day so you can do more in less time. Full and half day options available.

VIP Days are completely flexible and can include combinations of presentations, trainings, workshops, and individual or small group coaching. 

Meeting Facilitation

Meeting Facilitation

When you know what you want to accomplish, but aren’t sure how to get everyone collaborating effectively, this is for you. We work with you to design and lead a meeting that is focused and productive, resulting in clear next steps that get everyone moving in the right direction. 

Not sure where to start? Book a call and we’ll talk through it together. 



I manage the Kittatinny Ridge Conservation Landscape (KRCL) program, including all communications. Prior to this project, the enews, social media, and website posts were irregularly distributed and unconnected. 

I am so excited and thankful for how Kelly turned this around in a short time and in a way that fits our needs. Positive feedback coming in is proof that Kelly’s approach and skills are making a huge difference!

Jeanne Ortiz | Senior Program Manager, Landscape Conservation & KRCL Internal Lead, Audubon Mid-Atlantic