Professional Productivity Coaching

Professional productivity coaching turns priorities into progress, with the right steps in the right order to help you reach your goals. Discover new strategies to help you reclaim your schedule and find time for what matters most by.

With thoughtful guidance and compassionate accountability, our Balanced Productivity approach to time and task management empowers you to clarify priorities, make choices that reflect them, and build systems to support them so there’s always space for what’s most important to you.

Quick Wins Professional Productivity Coaching

Quick Wins Single Session

Flip your mindset from frenzied to focus with a 60-minute Quick Wins personalized coaching session. Together, we’ll identify your top priority hurdles and co-create a set of strategies to help you get centered, get sorted, and get started on meaningful changes.

Productivity Pro Package – $179

Productivity Pro Coaching Package with Kelly McGinley

Productivity Pro Package

A 4-session coaching program of 60-minute sessions to build strong systems, boost efficiency, and help you meet your productivity goals. Power up your productivity with calendar organization, goal and commitment prioritization, time and task management, and more. T

Includes a trial subscription to the Move the Needle Library of courses and resources.

Productivity Pro Package – $597

Find Your Flow Coaching Session with Kelly McGinley

Procrastination to Action Coaching Package

A 6-session coaching package designed to help you power through procrastination and build strong habits for growth and sustainable progress. Get started moving the needle from ‘to-do’ to DONE!

Includes a trial subscription to the Move the Needle Library of courses and resources.

Procrastination to Action Package – $847


Kelly’s ability to connect with clients, listen to their challenges, and work collaboratively to develop pragmatic solutions is truly incredible! She’s able to quickly assess seemingly intractable professional, work-life, and family issues, and help you develop and implement creative, responsive solutions.

Kate M. | Senior Vice President