Proactive Communications

When it comes to communications, meaningful connection is everything! Staying connected to volunteers, partners, donors, and clients boosts the effectiveness, credibility, and impact of your organization.

We believe in a proactive approach to communications, making the most of collaboration and automation so your communication – internally and public-facing – are always on point. Our systems are rooted in inclusive planning and effective collaboration that save time, enhance messaging, and ensure you never miss a chance to share an impactful story. 

Mix and match the options below. We can combine them or craft an option that meets your challenges so you can reach your goals. 

Content Planning | Function & Flow

Content Planning

Plan a year’s worth of content in an afternoon. With your plan in place, it’s easy to make sure your message is always on the move.

Website Design | Function & Flow

Website Design

Craft a new site with a design and flow that’s worthy of the first impressions you count on it to make.

Website Management | Function & Flow

Website Management

Adjustable options that flex with your needs and can include hosting, maintenance, and technical support

Shared Workspaces | Function & Flow

Shared Workspaces

Boost the efficiency of your shared file systems with organization and permission handling, ensuring everyone has exactly what they need when they need it.


Kelly’s ability to connect with clients, listen to their challenges, and work collaboratively to develop pragmatic solutions is truly incredible! She’s able to quickly assess seemingly intractable professional, work-life, and family issues, and help you develop and implement creative, responsive solutions.

Kate M. | Senior Vice President